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Solar Solutions
Solar Energy Systems for the generation of electricity has now become a viable option within South Africa.

The photovoltaic installations enable surfaces of public and commercial buildings to be used to generate electricity in a stylish integration in building facades or as a skylight construction.
Executive Solar Solutions Solar Photovoltaic Systems and Wind Energy focus on:
  • Stand alone power systems for sites without any utility power such as farms and remote Lodges from 1 kilowatt to megawatts.
  • Grid feed, back-up power systems for unexpected power failures.
  • Grid-connect systems with power feeding back into the utility grid.
  • Stand alone grid connect power plants.
  • Hybrid systems incorporating wind energy.
Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Professional Sizing & Quotations Our innovative in-house Sizing Solar Electrical Programme has been developed over the past 12 years to ensure that you, the client, get an optimal cost efficient renewable energy technological system.

Executive Solar Solutions is a one-stop systems house that supply superior technologically advanced products installed by its own technical staff.
Typical Grid Systems

PV  Installation - Japanese Embassy PV Installation Linene Lodge, Mozambique 3 Phase Invertor System at Linene Lodge, Mozambique

Battery System at Linene Lodge, Mozambique PV System at Vaal Dam, Gauteng Inverter System, Vaal Dam, Gauteng

Self Filling Battery System PV Electrical System at Game Farm, Botswana (On Wood Structure to blend in with environment) Installed Battery System

9 kW Inverter System PV and Hot Water System at a Horse Farmstead

6 kW Inverter System Lights, TV 3 kW systems, Pretoria
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