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Solar Solutions
Consulting and Services The housing development industry is much aware of the power problems in our country and therefore alternative/renewable energy is the only way forward. Very soon it will become legislation that all new buildings will need to install Alternative Energy products.

We, at Executive Solar Solutions, are proud in being a South African Leader in the field of Renewable Energy Systems.


Executive Solar Solutions offer reliable, comprehensive consulting to many other Renewable Energy companies.

We work with Architects and Property Developers, assisting them in the design and engineering of alternative energy solutions and are thus a force to be reckoned with when it comes to supplying, installing and maintaining complete solutions to the market.

Tender Documentation

We assist various companies in the development of Renewable Energy tender documentation.

An in-house Sizing Solar Electrical Programme has been developed over the past 12 years to ensure a professional and accurate method of working out customers' requirements.
Solar "HOT WATER on DEMAND" Systems

Solar "Hot Water on Demand" systems are used for large building complexes. The tenants pay for hot water on a similar basis as what they would pay for electricity (Typically used in European countries).

Solar Hot Water "RENT" to "OWN" Systems

Solar Hot Water "Rent to Own" Systems, whereby the client only pays for the installation charges and the actual system is paid in low monthly installments which are an offset from your electrical bill savings.
Training and Development

We currently give training to solar distributors throughout SA.

We assist professional people who through their profession are drawn into the alternative energy environment.

When doing large installations, we teach and develop local plumbers and electricians on our Solar Systems, thus creating jobs locally.


Executive Solar Solutions have teams of qualified trained solar installers (Plumbers, Electricians and LPG Gas installers) to ensure that all installations are done professionally with the correct technical understanding and knowledge under supervision with proper project management for larger projects.

As most of of our larger systems could work with a Gas back-up, we have our own certifeid Commercialized LPG Gas licence.

Maintenance Plan

Allthough our systems have a 10 year warrantee, the life expectancy of most of our solar systems is 20 to 30 years with a maintenance programme that includes an annual inspection ensuring that the system is operating at an optimal efficiency level.


We do not focus on one product only, as this will have limitations on the clients needs. All our products are top quality brands from various European and USA companies.
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