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Executive Solar Solutions NECSA Solar Hot Water System for their hostel
  • A 2000L Solar Heat Set Boiler Systems was installed to pre-feed the existing boiler that had too little hot water for the original hostel.
  • A 1000L Solar Heat Set Boiler System was installed to pre-feed four 200L geysers that had too little hot water for the newer hostel section.
  • These vertical boilers have "Fresh Hot Water" heat exchanges.
  • Municipal fresh water flows through the heat exchanger located externally to the boiler and supplies a hygienic flow of instant hot water.
  • The water inside the tank never gets used and this is why the tank has a estimated life span of 30 Years plus.
  • These 1000L Fresh Water Boiler Systems are now becomming the norm is large residential houses.


Our aim is to install, supply and maintain complete solar solutions in accordance to our client's needs and in this
process preventing carbon emissions thus creating a greener positive future.

Executive Solar Solutions has been operating in the Solar Community in South Africa from 1993.

Since 1999, we supplied and installed backup power systems, complete solar hot water, solar electrical systems as well as LP gas for businesses, hotels, large building complexes, lodges, mining industry, estates, hostels, prisons, schools, old age homes, farms, marine vessels and residences. With the continuous growth in the solar power demand in Africa; our focus is not only in South Africa, but Africa as a continent.

Our superior products and computer aided programme give us a market edge to ensure that you get the most efficient Solar Solution in accordance to what you, the client wants.
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